Pike Wall Hanging, Handmade Copper Artwork, The Copperworks of Marthas Vineyard.

The copper pike fish wall hanging mirrors the olive green and shaded yellow color scheme that pike fish are known for. Renowned by anglers as a strong game fish, that same strength and natural beauty have been captured in the handcrafted copper Pike wall hanging available from the Copper Works online store. Vineyard fisherman have long told stories of legendary giant pike, this famous fish has been transformed by the folk art styling of Scott McDowell into the copper pike wall hanging, the perfect gift for the fishing enthusiast or fish art collector in your life.

The custom pike copper fish wall hanging is the best way to invite an aquatic feeling to any room in your home. Transform the hand crafted copper pike wall hanging into the ideal outdoor wall decoration by choosing the weather green patina finish, also an excellent choice for your fishing shack, fence, or workshop. The possibilities are limitless when you choose to customize a handmade pike copper fish wall hanging from the copper works online store. Art collectors and interior designers recognize the quality and craftsmanship of Scott McDowell’s copper pike wall hanging and that’s why they have been incorporating this one of akind piece of fish art in their interior design and home decorating projects for years.

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Pike Wall Hanging
This Pike wall sculpture is the perfect gift for anybody who loves to fish.

Length: 22in.
Height: 7in.

Price: $195

Pike Copper Wall Hanging