Striped Bass, Custom Copper Fish Wall Hanging.

The distinctive silver patterns and long dark stripes of the Striped Bass or Striper have been captured in the handmade copper Striped Bass wall hanging available in the Copper works online store. The striped bass has long been a favorite of local fisherman and tourist alike, making the copper striped bass wall hanging an ideal gift or decoration for any home. Of all the fish that local artist and charter fisherman Scott McDowell works with on a daily basis, he probably knows the intricate details of the striped bass the best, a fact that shows in the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of his striped bass copper fish wall hangings.

The Striped Bass is not only popular on Martha’s Vineyard, it is actually the state fish for five different states, a fish this popular is sure to make a one of a kind gift. The Copper Works is waiting to customize your own, distinct, copper striped bass wall hanging. Accent the rustic feel of your vineyard cottage by ordering your own striped bass copper fish wall hanging with the weathered green copper patina finish. Enhance the natural style of your coastal getaway with a custom ordered copper striped bass wall hanging, available in natural brown copper patina finish.

The Copperworks online store features the copper striped bass wall hanging in two different sizes, to accommodate any size room, and, as always, custom orders are encouraged to get exactly the right dimensions for your project. No matter what style you are trying achieve in your interior design, or home improvement project, the copper works custom striped bass copper fish wall hanging is the perfect solution.

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Striped Bass Wall Hanging
This handmade copper Striped Bass will dress up any home and is a great gift. Available in natural brown patina and weathered green patina.

Length: 22in. sm - 32in. lg
Height: 9in. sm - 14in. lg

Price: $195

Price Large: $375

Patina Striped Bass
Custom Copper Striped Bass