Striped Bass Pot Rack, Functional Folk Art, The Copperworks of Marthas Vineyard.

In the market for a functional and decorative kitchen rack? Look no further than the Striped Bass Pot Rack, hand crafted from copper by local folk artist, Scott McDowell. The Striped Bass Copper Pot rack, along with all the other copper folk art, is custom built by charter fishing boat captain Scott McDowell in his the shop, the Copper Works, located the historic fishing village of Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard. The rich natural setting of the Martha’s Vineyard Copperworks is the perfect inspiration for the renowned pieces of folk art, like the striped bass pot rack.

As Captain of North Shore Charter, Scott McDowell has caught some of the most prized striped bass ever to swim the vineyard waters, this fact is evident in his rare ability to transfer those minute details onto his striped bass copper pot racks. That’s why interior designers, home decorators, folk art collectors, and art enthusiasts across the globe consider Scott McDowells copper decorations, chandeliers, kitchen racks, and light fixtures to be the ideal addition to any room in your home.

What better way to remember a vineyard fishing trip than by having a custom striped bass pot rack made to serve as a constant remember of that fishing experience? The Striped Bass Copper Pot Rack, is not just a decorative piece of copper folk art, it is a functional and efficient way to organize your kitchen. Clear the clutter in your kitchen by organizing all your pots and pans with a custom striped bass pot rack, designed by the copper works to meet all your need. The gift of efficiency is the best gift of all, the striped bass copper pot rack not only makes your kitchen more efficient but serves as an excellent conversation piece of folk art. The copper striped bass pot rack is the ideal way to organize your vineyard kitchen. Order your own custom kitchen rack from the Copper Works online store.

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Striped Bass Pot Rack
Get those pots and pans out of the kitchen cabinets and within easy reach of where you need them with this handmade wrought iron Striped Bass Handing Pot Rack. This ceiling-mounted cookware rack is great to organize your cookware, but is also the perfect accent to your home.

You can special order this item with many types of our handmade copper fish.

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