Striped Bass.

The striped bass is one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean. They sport a streamlined body with metallic colored scales, and long dark stripes running from the gills all the way to the end of the tail. The Striped Bass goes by many names and is actually the state fish of five different states. The Striped Bass is the state fish of Maryland, Rhode Island, South Carolina, New York and New Hampshire. The Striped Bass is also known as the Atlantic Striped Bass, the rockfish, the pimpfish, the rock or the linesider. The likely hood of anyone on Martha’s Vineyard every actually calling a Striped Bass anything but a striper is very low to almost impossible.

The largest recorded Striped Bass or Striper, was one hundred and twenty five pounds. Striped Bass have been known to live for nearly thirty years. Striped Bass call the Atlantic coastline, including the island of Martha’s Vineyard their home.

Charter fishermen, like Scott McDowell, of North Shore Charters have been catching Striped Bass or Stripers for years in waters around the fishing village of Menemsha. Menemsha is also the location of the Copper Works of Martha’s Vineyard carrying a variety of copper fish folk artwork including copper striped bass wall hangings, striped bass chandeliers, striped bass table lamps, and striped bass mechanical sculptures.

The Striped Bass or Striper has a long and varied life cycle. Despite the fact that they spend the majority of their adult life in a salt water habitat, striped bass normally spawn in fresh water. There are four specific bodies of water that are known as major striped bass spawning grounds. Those bodies of water are, the Chesapeake, Massachusetts Bay, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Hudson River, Delaware River. The waters of Martha’s Vineyard are said to have some of the best and largest specimens of stripped bass in the Atlantic ocean. The Copper Works of Martha’s Vineyard has high-quality striped bass copper sculptures, chandeliers, and table lamps, available now in the online store.

Striped Bass, Morone saxatilis

Striped Bass