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The Copper Works of Martha’s Vineyard online store features weathervanes, wall hangings, and copper fish decorations to name just a few. The shop also features exquisite, handmade, artistic pot racks. Not to mention, custom designed striped bass light fixtures, mermaid wall sconces, and shark table lamps. Make sure to browse Scott’s mechanical artwork, bringing life to his creations using handmade gears and cranks. These high quality mechanical designs are desired by art dealers and private collectors worldwide.

There is no better way to light a room than with one of the beautiful copper chandeliers found in the online store. No lighting solution is more elegant than a chandelier, and the custom copper chandeliers available in the Copper Works online store stand apart as truly unique. Most pieces found in the online shop are available in natural brown or green patina copper finishes. Some of the chandeliers in the copper works online store incorporate both finishes to create a stunning visual effect on the light emitted from the chandelier.

The imaginative aquatic designs available in the Copperworks can always be customized to complement any room in the house. The weather green copper patina finish, available on many of the products offered in the Copper Works online store, is perfect for outdoor surfaces such as an outdoor shower, garden shed, or fishing shack. The copper wall hangings make a great gift. The copper sculptures are a great way to commemorate and island fishing trip or just to bring the vineyard feel into your home.

The copper folk art found in the copper works is inspired by the life hat fishing boat captain Scott McDowell lives on a daily basis. Scott is a man of the sea, and an artist at heart, and this is reflected in his art. His days spent fishing the waters of Vineyard Sound for striped bass, bluefish, bonito, shark, tuna, and many other Vineyard fish have spawned his career as a coppersmith specializing in ocean art and copper fish.

Wall Hangings
Handmade copper wall hangings showcase many creative aquatic designs.

These beautiful copper chandeliers light any room and are handmade in a variety of creative aquatic designs.

These beautiful copper lights are each handmade. Both table lamps and wall sconces are wired and ready to be hooked up.

Pot Racks
These beautiful copper Pot Racks are each handmade in a variety of creative aquatic designs.

Custom Copper Artwork

Custom Orders

Some of the pieces you can purchase directly online,
but if you like any of The Copperworks art you can place
special orders to create a one of a kind masterpiece.

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