Copper Squid Table Lamp, Copper Fish Lighting, The Menmsha Copper Works of Martha’s Vineyard.

The squid table lamp is a perfect example of the rare ability that Scott McDowell has to capture the minute details of marine life in his copper creations such as the copper squid table lamp, available in the copper works online store. The Copper Works can create numerous different lighting solutions, such as the copper table lamp, for your home decoration or interior design the project. The copper squid table lamp can be tailored to fit your custom order.

Most copper light fixtures, lamps, and desk lamps, featured in the Copper Works online store, come hard-wired with 8ft cords. This detail, along with any others, on the light fixtures, lamps and desk lamps, can all be customized to fit your specific needs.

The Copper Squid Table Lamp is also an excellent gift idea for the young college student looking to take a piece of the Vineyard to school with them. The copper lighting options available from Scott McDowell, such as the copper squid table lamp, are available in both a weather green patina or natural brown patina finishes.

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Squid Table Lamp
The Squid Lamp is custom made and comes wired and ready to light your home. The Copperworks can create many types of custom lamps, contact us to discuss other ides for your perfect table lamp. Shade not included. Table lamps come with a 8' cord.

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Custom Squid Table Lamp