Copper Skate Wall Sconce, Custom Copper Artwork, The Copperworks of Marthas Vineyard.

The hallways and walls of your vineyard home will never be the same once they are outfitted with the unique copper skate wall sconce from the copper works of Menemsha, Martha ’s Vineyard. The perfect addition to any hallway or wall, the copper skate wall sconce is as beautiful and distinct as it is functional. The copper Skate wall sconce is comes to you straight from the Martha’s Vineyard folk artists Scott McDowell of the Copper Works.

The custom copper skate wall sconce features a candle holder and drip plate, allowing you to incorporate natural lighting to not only illuminate the walls and hallways of your vineyard home, but also the custom copper artwork that decorates them. The glow of natural light brings out the tones and details of the copper skate wall sconce.

The copper skate wall sconce is available in a variety of different finishes, from weathered green copper patina to natural brown copper patina. The unique styles of the different finishes on the copper skate wall sconce are each highlighted in their own way by the natural candle light. These lighting options are an essential element to any vineyard, or island themed home, or interior design project. Customize the folk art copper skate wall sconce to fit the lighting needs of any marine art or ocean fish themed design. The combination of custom copper artwork, and functional lighting solutions, have made Scott McDowell’s custom copper skate wall sconce the ideal home decoration for interior designers and architects on Martha’s Vineyard and around the world.

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Skate Wall Sconce
This copper Skate Wall Sconce is the perfect addition to any room in your home. The Sconce holds a candle, and has a drip plate. You can also special order this piece with two candle holders.

Length: 10in.
Height: 15in.

Price: $285

Custom Skate Wall Sconce