Folk Art.

The natural beauty and rural setting of Martha's Vineyard has always been a magnetic force attracting folk artist from around the world. While Martha's Vineyard goes mostly dormant in the winter, in the summer there is an explosion of artistic displays. Art galleries open, farmers markets begin their regular cycle, and special events highlight the different folk artist that flock to the island. The Vineyard Film Festival is a premiere folk art event on Martha's Vineyard lasting from July through August. The West Tisbury Farmer's Market showcases not only the finest, locally grown produce, but also a huge variety of different folk artists and their unique creations. The Fishing village of Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard is another hot spot of folk art activity, especially in the Summer. The center of the artistic activity emanating from Menemsha during the months of May through September is definitely the Copper Works. The copper works is run by local folk artist Scott McDowell.

Striped Bass, Morone saxatilis

Folk Art